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What is SMT Mounter feeder?

SIEMENS Feeder 3×8

In the production workshop of SMT placement machine, we can’t help but hear a lot about the word “Feeder”, everyone will have some questions, what is Feeder?

What does it do. What happens if we buy an inappropriate feeder?

In fact, Feida is the transliteration of “Feeder”. Feeder is a feeder in the feeding system of our SMT placement machine, also called a feeder, which is a device used to provide materials to the machine for production.

①Types of feeders: When using the SMT placement machine, we will contact the feeders, and there are many types of feeders, which are generally divided into bags (different sizes and models, generally 8-32 mm) range), tube, tray, bulk, four different products. Generally, different SMT placement machines use different models. If we need to buy a feeder, we can contact the SMT placement machine manufacturer to buy or ask for details. The size of the feeder.

②Number of feeders: We found that there are many feeders on the SMT placement machine. How many do we need to buy to use them? In fact, it is matched according to how many components we need to mount. For example, if our PCB board needs to mount 10 different types of components, then we need 10 feeders.’

③The quality of the feeder: There are only two channels for us to buy the feeder, one is the original factory purchase, the other is the third-party purchase and use, if we buy from the SMT placement machine manufacturer, except for individual circumstances during the transportation process There will be no failures, the model and performance are relatively stable, and the quality is guaranteed. If you buy an imitation feeder from other places, except for the quality, it cannot be guaranteed.


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