SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3

  • Fuji NXT III Pick and Place Machine
  • Patch speed: 22,500CPH
  • H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5×7.5mm
  • weight: 1,350kg
  • Product description: SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3-Tell us what kind used SMT equipment you want, and we will give you the best offer, Patch speed: 22,500CPH, H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5×7.5mm, weight: 1,350kg

SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3

The NEW FUJI NXT III is a highly productive, versatile, and flexible placement machine with various functions. It is designed specifically for speed, and as a result, it has faster XY robots and tape feeders, in addition to a new H24 head capable of producing 35,000 chips per hour. The NXT III can support the placement of even the tiniest components now being used in mass manufacturing. Buy SMT has all SMT Equipment of FUJI NXT 3, which fits perfectly and increases productivity.

Improved Productivity

SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3 helps in increasing productivity. All SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3 works together to make the machine efficient. Buy SMT tests all SMT parts, which means no single part will be deformed after working for many hours straight. As a result, the life of the SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3 will be increased.

Moreover, the increasing speed of the XY robot and the tape feeders, in addition to the recently developed “flying vision” parts camera, results in an improved capacity for inserting components of all sizes and shapes. The newly developed H24G high-speed head can produce 37,500 cph (chips per hour) (Productivity priority mode) per module. This is a 44% increase in speed in comparison to the NXT II’s top speed.

Increased Efficiency

The SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3 can handle the next generation of components that will be available on the market in addition to supporting the tiniest parts that are now being utilized in mass production (0402 mm, 01005″). These pieces measure 0201 mm.SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3 have achieved a positioning accuracy for small chip pieces of +/- 0.025 mm* (3sigma, Cpk1.00) by increasing the machine’s stiffness and further perfecting its independent servo control and visual recognition technology. This was accomplished by boosting machine rigidity.

machine type:
PCB size:
Minimum: 48mmx48mm
Maximum: 510mmx534mm
(Single handling track)
Patch speed:
H12HS: 22,500; H08: 10,500; H04: 6,500; H01: 4,200
Patch accuracy:
H12S / H08 / H04: 0.05mm (3sigma) cpk≥1.00
Patch range:
H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5×7.5mm high: MAX: 3.0mm
H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm high: MAX: 6.5mm
H04: 1608 ~ 38x38mm high: MAX: 13mm
H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 ~ 74x74mm (32X180mm) High: MAX: 25.4mm
G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mmx15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm
Carrying rack:
MAX: 20 kinds/module (8mm tape conversion)
using electric:
3P / 200V / 10KVA
0.5 MPa (5 kgf / cm2), 10 NI / min.
2M II Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W)
4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)
H: 1474 mm (M3 II) 1476 mm (M6 II / M6 IISP)
Machine weight:

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SMT Equipment FUJI NXT 3