SIEMENS Feeder 3×8 Silver 141098 – 05 – 1

  • SMT Spare Parts
  • Seimens feeder
  • Siemens 3x8mm Silver feeder 00141098
  • Usage: Seimens pick and place machine
  • Product description: Siemens 3x8mm Silver feeder 00141098

SIEMENS Feeder 3×8 Silver 141098 – 05 – 1

Buy SMT SIEMENS Feeder 3×8 Silver 141098 provides streamlined integration of real-time (logic), kinetic, and technological tasks. Reduced engineering expenses are made possible by the fact that both the SIEMENS Feeder functions and the operational displays are already pre-built in SIMOTION, ProTool/Pro, or WinCC adaptable.

The SIEMENS Feeder 3×8 Silver 141098 offers:

  • Optimized for speed per canonical rules of motion (VDI 2143)
  • Master value link, computation of a complex path motion, and processing via higher-order polynomials to increase shock and jolt behavior
  • HMI for parameterizing the path using the “Teach-in function.”
  • The user interface for incorporating custom transforms
  • Automatic, single-step, continuous operation modes
  • Safety integrated, such as safely limited speed (SLS) during machine setup
  • Cartesian, 2 or 3-axis portal

Most SMT parts come on rolls of paper or plastic tape that are fed into the machine via the attached Feeder 3×8 Silver 141098 – 05 – 1. Sometimes larger ICs will be shipped in trays stacked in a container. Instead of trays or sticks, ICs will often be sent on tapes. Because of advancements in SIEMENS Feeder 3×8  technology, the tape format is rapidly replacing other methods of supplying components to an SMT machine. SIEMENS Feeder by But SMT is a cost-effective solution due to its adjusting power and many axes. Moreover, the total integrated solution enables end-to-end communication among SMT types of equipment. Last but not least, the after-sales services of Buy SMT help you in the installation process and avoid any complications.

Advantages of Siemens Feeder Systems

  • Increased productivity
    through optimized travel times based on master value coupling
  • Extensive diagnostic capabilities
    among all components
  • Rationalized production procedures
    resulting from travel and tool data management

SIEMENS Feeder 3×8 Silver Specifications

00141099 3*8 Golden FEEDER
00141097 SL 3*8 Feeder
00141092 12/16 FEEDER
00141092 12/16 FEEDER
00141093 24/32 FEEDER
00141094 44MM FEEDER
00141094 44MM FEEDER


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