Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS Chip Mounter

  • Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS
  • TactTime 0.088sec/chip
  • 2350 x 1950 x 1430
  • Weight(kg) 2620
  • Product description: Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS Chip Mounter, TactTime 0.088sec/chip, dimension:2350 x 1950 x 1430, Weight(kg) 2620

Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient phone system for your business? If so, the Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS is the perfect solution. This system comes with everything you need to get started, including two desk phones, two cordless phones, and a base unit. The desk phones are perfect for placing in high-traffic areas, while the cordless phones can be used for more private calls. The base unit allows you to store up to 500 contacts, so you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips. Plus, the caller ID feature ensures that you never miss an important call. And if you ever need to expand your system, the Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS is easily expandable up to 24 phones.

DS Chip Mounter Featured

Sector Specification(CM202-DS) Specification(CM201-DS)
ModelNo. KXF-E24C KXF-E14C
TacoTime 0.088sec/chip 0.176sec/chip
I’d change: 3.0 sec
Centering method: Upward Vision
PCB Size(L x W) MAX.460 x 360mm,MIN.50 x 50mm
Placement range: 0°~ 359° θ ±1° Patch Accuracy: ±0.05mm/chip
FeederStation 104 stations(Double Feeder) 52 stations(Double Feeder)
Components range: 0603 ~ 24mm x 6t
Feeder: 8~72mm Tape Feeder/Bulk Feeder/Vibration feeder/
Tray Feeder
Conv.Transfer Right→Left(Left→Right: Op.) Frontex (RearFix: Op.)
Power AC200V 3PH,50/60Hz, 2.5kVA AC200V 3PH,50/60Hz, 1.5kVA
Air 0.49MPa 400L/min 0.49MPa 200L/min


2350 x 1950 x 1430

1390 x 1950 x 1430

Weight(kg) 2620 1460

Panasonic Chip Mounter at Best Price

Looking for a powerful and reliable office CM202-DS CM201-DS fax machine? Then look no further than the Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS! This top-of-the-line fax machine is perfect for any business or office and features a variety of innovative and convenient features that will make your life easier.

The machine is capable of handling all your faxing needs with ease. It features a high-speed modem that can send and receive documents at up to 14.4Kbps and a generous memory capacity that can store up to 256 pages of information. You’ll never miss fax with the built-in caller ID function, and the 50-sheet automatic document feeder makes it easy to send multiple-page documents.

The Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS is also Energy Star certified, meaning it’s designed to be energy efficient and save you money on your electric bill. That’s just one more way this fax machine is helping you run your business more efficiently!

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