Fuji XPF-L

  • (2) Auto Revolvers with Nozzles
  • (6) Single Nozzles
  • (2) MFU-40 Feeder Carts

Fuji XPF-L

The FUJI XPF-L is the first machine in the world to come equipped with dynamic head interchange. During production, the machine can automatically switch between a high-speed placement head and a multi-purpose head. This allows the operator to make sure that the machine is using the head that is the most effective for the work at hand, which includes the capacity to switch to a glue head, which means that glue application and part placement are both capable of being completed by the same piece of machinery.

Salient Features Of FUJI XPF-L

  • Borderless line optimization is ensured since the FUJI XPF-L machines have the same capabilities. The line efficiency of XPF-L is increased by 160%.
  • Dynamic exchange head functionality enables maximum potential by each head which helps in preventing drops in functional efficiency.
  • The trays of FUJI XPF-L are easily removable, which means tray status can be checked easily by removing the trays while the machine operates.
  • The Fuji XPF-L Pick and Place Machine has intelligent feeders and provides unprecedented versatility and high-speed parts supply.
    • side 1 of the FUJI intelligent feeders can be easily removed and inserted without pausing the work of the machine
    • various features are available to be used due to the feeder ID system
    • tape splicing became handy
    • each feeder used in Fuji XPF-L Pick and Place Machine is independent; hence can perform efficiently
    • FUJI XPF-L’s intelligent feeders are compatible with NXT and AIM machines

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Fuji XPF-L Specifications:

  • XPF-S/L Multifunctional Universal Machine
  • • Mounting speed: rotating automatic head replacement: 0.144sec/ 25000cph
  • Single nozzle: 0.40sec/pc 9000cph
  • Automatic dispensing head: 0.2sec/shot
  • • Mounting range: Rotating automatic replacement head: 0402 (01005) ~ 20 x 20mm high: MAX 3.0mm
  • Single nozzle: 1005(0402)~40×150(40×40)mm height: MAX 25.4mm
  • Automatic dispensing head: equipped platform: Side1 side (MFU-30 OR fixed material station)
  • • Material rack support: L type-100 types (converted by 8mm material belt, MFU-30/front + rear fabric station)
  • S type-50 kinds (calculated by 8mm tape, MFU-30/front fabric station)
  • •PCB size: Max: L457XW356mm min: L50XW50mm thickness 0.3mm ~ 4.0mm
  • • Mounting accuracy: small chip: ±0.05mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
  • QFP component: ±0.04mm(3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
  • Single nozzle: small chip: ±0.04mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
  • QFP component: ±0.03mm(3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
  • Automatic dispensing head: dispensing position accuracy: ±0.1mm(3sigma)cpk≥1.00
  • • Power supply: 3P/ 200V/ 10KVA
  • • Air flow: 0.5MPa (5kgf/cm2), 46NI/min.
  • •Machine size: length 1515mm width: 1608mm height: 1420mm

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Fuji XPF-L