FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ Pick and Place Machine

  • Fuji NXTⅡPick and Place Machine
  • H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5mm x 7.5mm
  • H04: 6,000 cph
  • 2MII Base:740 (L) x 1934 (W)
  • Product description: FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ Pick and Place Machine, H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5mm x 7.5mm, H04: 6,000 cph, 2MII Base:740 (L) x 1934 (W)


The FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ is not merely a pick-and-place machine; it is the product of Fuji’s efforts to develop a revolutionary new SMT line concept system. This system offers a complete answer to the demands placed on the next generation in the near future.

Fuji NXT M3 II exemplifies innovation on the highest possible level because it incorporates cutting-edge technology that adjusts automatically to high-mix, variable-volume production. Additionally, it extensively uses sensors to achieve reliable placement and quality management, demonstrating its advanced status. Implementing a flexible modular configuration, combined with a particular endeavor to keep both the size and price of the machine to an absolute minimum, has resulted in a machine (FUJI NXT M3 II) that is more cost-effective, more efficient, and has a significantly reduced footprint in comparison to devices of the previous generation.

Salient features of FUJI NXT M3 II by BUY SMT

  • The XY-placement robot’s head chooses an 8-nozzle horizontal indexing type or a single-nozzle type for odd-formed and big parts, allowing versatile reconfiguration for various manufacturing requirements. This readily added head allows quick volume and product type changes. The operator doesn’t have to make any problematic adjustments after the head changeover, reducing downtime.
  • FUJI NXT M3 II’s stable parts supply using newly engineered, low-cost, easy-to-use motor-powered feeders. Loading replenished feeders and splicing parts while the pick and place machine runs maximize efficiency. The user-friendly control panel gives clear, step-by-step instructions for even new users. Minimizing operator training ensures a quick start to production after machine delivery.
  • Even using numerous modules, they operate as a single machine and as individual components during maintenance.
  • In addition to a complete support system for program design and production information, tremendous efforts have been made to strengthen end-user communication and reduce downtime with rapid answers for trouble-related concerns. This is due to easy access to machine maintenance and inspection information and an online support system.

FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ Pick and Place Machine Specifications:

M3 II / M6 II: 48mm x 48mm ~ 510mm x 534mm (double handling rail)
48mm x 48mm ~ 610mm x 534mm (single transport track)
M6 IISP: 48mm x 48mm ~ 510mm x 520mm (double handling rail)
48mm x 48mm ~ 610mm x 520mm (single handling track)

  • Component Type:
    M3 II: MAX 20 (8mm tape conversion)
    M6 II / M6 IISP: MAX 45 (8mm tape conversion)
    Mounting accuracy:
    H12S / H08 / H04 / OF: ± 0.05mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
    H01 / H02 / G04: ± 0.03mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
    GL: ± 0.10mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00
  • Production capacity:
  • H04: 6,500 cph; H01: 4,200 cph; G04: 6,800 cph; OF: M3 II not mountable /
  • M6 II 3000 cph; GL: 16,363 dph (0.22 sec / dot))
  • H04: 6,000 cph; H01: 3,500 cph; G04: 5,100 cph; OF: 2,800 cph,
  • GL: 16,363 dph (0.22 sec / dot))
  • Object components:
    H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5mm x 7.5mm high: MAX 3.0mm
    H08: 0402 ~ 12mm x 12mm high: MAX 6.5mm
    H04: 1608 ~ 38mm x 38mm high: MAX13mm
    H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 to 74 mm × 74 mm (32 mm × 180 mm) Height: MAX 25.4 mm
    G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mm x 15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm
  • Component Supply:
    Smart feeder: corresponding to 8,12,16,24,32,44,56,72,88 mm width of the tape
  • Material feeder: 4≤ element width≤15mm (6≤ tube width≤18mm),
  • 15≤ element width≤32mm (18≤ tube width≤36mm)
  • Tray unit: 135.9X322.6mm (JEDEC standard) (Tray unit M), 276X330mm, 138X330mm (Tray unit LT)
  • Machine size:
    2MII Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W)
    4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)
    H: 1474 mm (M3 II) 1476 mm (M6 II / M6 IISP)

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