Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine

  • Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine
  • H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm
  • Patch speed: H12HS: 22,500;
  • 4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)
  • Product description: Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine, H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm, Patch speed: H12HS: 22,500;4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)

Fuji NXT-1

The Fuji NXT-1 is developed to accommodate the requirements of contemporary manufacturing settings. Its easily replaceable placement heads permit each machine module to work properly as a fast-speed chip mounter or a multifunction placement machine. It also enables the switchover of a complete production line in minutes. 

Fuji NXT-1 is a platform that has a variety of different machines. These machines can manufacture electronic motherboards, cameras, LED lights, and other household electronic devices. BUY SMT’s Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine that utilizes automated production techniques, making it feasible to manufacture many electronic components in a relatively short amount of time. Fuji NXT-1 machines have been intended to be used at every level of the manufacturing process for electronic goods. For instance, there is a machine that can make printed circuit boards (PCBs), as well as a machine that can cut PCBs, print on PCBs, pick and place devices on PCBs, and solder devices that are installed on PCBs. The majority of these individual units can be found within a single huge Fuji NXT-1 machine.

Why select BUY SMT for FUJI NXT I?

BUY SMT is the best option for customers purchasing new or secondhand machinery at reasonable costs. You’ll be able to find descriptions of the apparatus, its components, and the possible extras that you ought to acquire within the product catalog. You may purchase a Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine for your project in various configurations thanks to the many different brands and manufacturers. Every piece of the heavy equipment you could require, whether for construction, farming, manufacturing, or packaging, should be available at a reasonable price. A design for manufacturing, also known as a DFM, is the first step in beginning a new project. The mold-producing business performs this step after analyzing your product design, and its purpose is to explain how the mold will be constructed. Following your review and approval, the mold will be constructed per the mold’s shape.

Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine Specifications:

Modular design that supports high productivity and flexible production modes.
PCB Size: Min .: 48mmx48mm Max: 510mmx534mm (Double Track)
Patch speed: H12HS: 22,500; H08: 10,500; H04: 6,500; H01: 4,200
Patch accuracy: H12S / H08 / H04: 0.05mm (3sigma) cpk ≥ 1.00
Patch range: H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5×7.5mm high: MAX: 3.0mm
H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm high: MAX: 6.5mm
H04: 1608 ~ 38x38mm high: MAX: 13mm
H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 ~ 74x74mm (32X180mm) High: MAX: 25.4mm
G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mmx15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm
Mounted rack: MAX: 20 species/module (8mm tape conversion)
Use power: 3P / 200V / 10KVA
Air flow rate: 0.5 MPa (5 kgf / cm2), 10 NI / min.
LED Mounter
Dimensions: 2M II Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W)
4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)
H: 1474 mm (M3 II) 1476 mm (M6 II / M6 IISP)
Machine weight: 1,350kg

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