SMT pick and place machines

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Used SMT equipment

àUsed SMT Equipment is used in PCB Assembly utilizing Surface area Mount Innovation. These devices are different from those used in Through-Hole Modern technology.

àBUYSMT provides complete service for used SMT Equipment and spare parts sourcing from one hand. We offer you famous Brands for Your Business, New and Used at Competitive Prices.

àWe can locate details about devices across the Globe quickly and effectively.

  • In case require occurs, BUYSMT can give packaging and also delivery of items
  • BUYSMT has Clients & Vendors from all over the world

àSurface-mount technology, or SMT, is the name of the technique used for creating an SMD. The market has mainly changed the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire and introduced openings in the motherboard.

àHigh-precision surface area place modern technology (SMT) equipment plays a crucial function in digital manufacturing. The high-precision positioning machine, a standard high-precision SMT equipment, is used to accurately place the chip onto the print motherboard (PCB) so that digital equipment can realize the developed features. Incorporating software applications, algorithms, equipment, control, optical, and various other innovations is one of the most essential and complicated tools in manufacturing electronic equipment. Recently, increasingly more scientists are focusing on the crucial modern technologies of high-precision placement equipment.

àAs an SMT machine provider, Buysmt brings a variety of new and used SMT devices that sustain the most famous brand names, all at astonishingly competitive prices.

àBuysmt can discover your SMT equipment that improve your PCB assembly services at competitive rates. Meanwhile, we can supply you with expert SMT device options to boost your electronic manufacturing service.

Why choose us:


  • You can anticipate numerous organizational benefits when you deal with us in discovering SMT devices that suit your service.
  • Professional specialists are part of our team, with years of experience in the sector, allowing us to discover the best SMT services for your needs.
  • Buysmt utilizes stringent QC that entails an extensive assessment of our SMT equipment to ensure our machines have maximum efficiency and service life.
  • Every used SMT equipment can achieve the preferred function and efficiency that surpasses your expectations on PCB assembly capabilities.
  • Each of our SMT machines features one-month guarantee protection. We also have designers that can resolve almost any kind of concern as efficiently as possible.

àWith our fully grown supply chain, we can conveniently discover the SMT parts and equipment that fulfil your company’s demands within two days. Buysmt can locate rare and discontinued items thanks to our capabilities. Call our specialists today!

àWe offer an extensive range of used SMT equipment for the electronics assembly market. Search our website to uncover just how we can aid you. We buy and sell a large inventory of used SMT tools from brand names that have earned respect in the PCBA sector. Each device is wholly recovered as well as in production-ready status by our group of professional technicians. Can’t locate what you are trying to find? Call us – we will certainly do our most OK to source the used SMT equipment you need.

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