SMT pick and place machines

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Siemens SMT feeders

Siemens SMT Feeders is a device to lock tape-and-reel SMD elements, remove the tape cover on the top of components, as well as feed the uncovered elements to the same set pickup setting for pick-up by the pick-and-place device.SMT is now almost entirely used for PCB manufacture and setup. It is possible to fit more electronics into a smaller area by using SMT. We provide SMT feeder parts that are equal to the original high quality to save you the cost of purchasing original components or changing SMT feeders.

SMT Feeders:

Having the right SMT feeders on an SMT setup determines its overall accuracy and performance. We are the best source for high-quality new and previously purchased SMT feeders from well-known manufacturers such as Yamaha, Fuji, and others. We distribute in-stock feeders in a timely manner and also provide reduced shipping services, enhancing your brand name significantly.

SMT Machine Parts: 

After years of operation, the defects and ageing of SMT equipment components will have a significant impact on product development. We have prepared new and used SMT equipment components for you to replace the parts on your equipment that are no longer usable, ensuring that you complete the manufacturing and shipment as planned.

SMT Nozzles:

High-quality SMT nozzles are used to aid in the smooth placing of components on a PCB board. They improve the regularity of the selection and placement procedure. We have a big inventory of SMT nozzles from well-known brands such as Juki and Panasonic, among others. Whatever product or capacity you’re looking for, we have it in stock and at one of the most competitive prices.

Are you looking for new or used Siemens SMT feeders? We have a huge selection of used/pre-owned SMT feeders as well as new Yamaha feeders. Currently, you can handle every production obstacle with our new placement devices. We have available several devices that are easily obtainable in pristine condition!!!

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