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Whether you need basic maintenance and repair for your SMT machine, or professional technical service, or purchase SMT machine parts and equipment, our staff with rich product knowledge and practical industry production knowledge will ensure the success of all your production projects.

Our philosophy is to be your partner, not just a vendor. And we want to help you expand your
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About Us

What You Need To Know About Our Company

BUYSMT is a leading provider of SMT equipment and spare parts based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2015 by Vigor, we offer a complete range of SMT products, including pick and place machines, feeders, nozzles, and more. Our technical team consists of experienced service engineers, equipment technicians, and feeder repair technicians who can recondition, repair, and calibrate the equipment and accessories we sell. We are committed to delivering quality equipment and technical support to our global customers, ensuring high uptime and productivity. We have a trusted reputation in the industry for buying, selling, and trading SMT equipment and assets from Siemens, Fuji, Panasonic, and other brands related to the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

Where We Are Going

At SMT Manufacturing, we don’t just sell metal products, we deliver solutions that meet the needs of our diverse and loyal customers. We are proud of our humble beginnings as a family-owned business, and we never forget the values that have made us successful: passion, compassion, and devotion. Whether it’s using the latest technology, providing exceptional customer service, or choosing the best materials, we always strive to exceed expectations and achieve excellence.

About Us

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For nearly 20 years,the buysmt has been supplying the best ready -to -run used SMT equipment in the china PCB assembly industry.Our clients demand machines that are drop-in production ready and they are never disappointed.


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Our business is not only to offer you quality used equipment at a much lower price than new ones, but also to purchase, exchange and sell your excess equipment.