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For nearly 20 years,the buysmt has been supplying the best ready -to -run used SMT equipment in the china PCB assembly industry.Our clients demand machines that are drop-in production ready and they are never disappointed.

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Global SMT machine market size and industry development trends in 2024

Global SMT machine market size and industry development trends in 2024

According to a Technavio report, the global SMT placement equipment market size is expected to grow from US$6.48 billion in 2021 to US$7.96 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.04%1. Overview and classification of SMT machine product SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology. SMT placement machine, also known as “mounting machine” and “surface mounting system”, is configured after the dispensing machine or screen printing machine in the production line. It accurately places surface mount components by moving the placement head. A device placed on…

Why do customers like second-hand ASM Smt machines more and more?

Why do customers like second-hand ASM Smt machines more and more?

SMT machine is a necessary equipment for patch processing plant, speaking of patch machine, maybe only people in the smt industry know, but we see all kinds of electronic boards in our daily life, are all need patch machine for patching, and finally after welding, DIP and other processes, to make a complete function of the PCBA board, in our daily life, we are now in an electronic era, including the traditional fuel car industry, so smt industry is a long-lasting industry. The smt industry must have three major pieces…

Top 10 smt machine brands ranking list

Top 10 smt machine brands ranking list

A SMT machine is a device used to accurately mount electronic components onto printed circuit boards and is widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry. According to different placement methods, speed, degree of automation, etc., placement machines can be divided into various types, such as sequential, online, synchronous, low speed, medium speed, high speed, fully automatic, manual, etc. According to data from the CNPP big data platform, the ranking of the top ten brands of placement machines in 2023 is as follows: – **Panasonic**: Founded in Japan in 1918, it…

Second-hand SMT machine purchasing guide: How to avoid buying bad products

Second-hand SMT machine purchasing guide: How to avoid buying bad products

If you are looking for a cost-effective SMT machine, you might consider buying a used SMT machine. However, second-hand SMT assembly machine are not an easy thing to buy. If you don’t know how to choose, you are likely to buy a piece of junk with low performance, poor quality, or even unusable. So, how can you choose a suitable second-hand placement machine? This article will introduce you to some considerations when purchasing second-hand placement machines, and teach you how to identify and avoid some common pitfalls. What is a…

Panasonic BM231

Soldering iron that can’t kill, mounter that can’t hurt

Recently, many hardware engineer friends complained in our background, saying that they had been pitted when they asked a manufacturer to make SMT patches, and a good board was soldered wrongly or damaged, which wasted a lot of money and time, and the project almost rolled over. I have to find a way to solve the problem myself. I am very disappointed with the domestic SMT process. Some people are even so angry that they welded 3 boards overnight. Seeing this, I have to pull out that old-fashioned topic again:…

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